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Countdown to the 2024 World Cup


Our Story

How it all started


April 2013
Website built
The domain was acquired by Sydney Masters Hockey and a website was built for the 2013 Australian Men's Masters Championships in Sydney
February 2014
Domain acquired
The domain was acquired by Mark Matheson
June 2014
Website rebuilt
The website was rebuilt for the 2014 Australian Men's Masters Championships in Perth
February 2016
Domain "stolen"
The domain was "stolen" by a scammer and pointed to a knock-off sports shoe webstore
December 2016
Domain reacquired
After several complaints, the domain was returned to Mark Matheson's ownership and rebuilt to focus on Men's Masters hockey
November 2019
Website rebuilt
After being selected as the Assistant Manager for the Australian Men's Masters Over 35's Hockey team, Mark Matheson rebuilt the website to focus on the Australian 35's

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