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Countdown to the 2024 World Cup


Matthew Hotchkis

Hottie | Striker | Australian Capital Territory


Matthew Hotchkis

Matthew Hotchkis
  • Nickname:
  • Age:
  • Position:
  • Shirt Number:
  • State:
    Australian Capital Territory
  • Nationality:
  • Years In Team:
    2022, 2020, 2018
  • Leadership:
    2022 Vice-Captain
  • Occupation:

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Matthew's hockey credentials include playing semi-professionally in Belgium along with representing Canberra, ACT and the Australian Indoor teams.

Matthew revels in his role as the podiatrist of the A.C.T Brumbies and the responsibilities that come with it. He regularly spends time assessing and treating the players to ensure they are in the best shape they can be. He also enjoys his involvement with the Australian Kookaburras, Australian Boomerangs, Canberra Raiders, Canberra Lakers and Strikers, Canberra Darters and the A.C.T Academy of Sport.

Returning to the team he was a member of in 2018, Matthew was supposed to captain Australia at the 2020 Masters Hockey World Cup but COVID got in the way. He has returned in 2022 as Vice-Captain of the Australian Over 40's to contest the World Cup in Nottingham.



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  • 2017 - ACT Over 35's
  • 2018 - ACT Over 35's
  • 2019 - ACT Over 35's
  • 2020 - ACT Over 35's
  • 2023 - ACT Over 35's



  • 2018 - Australian Over 35's (World Cup Gold Medal)
  • 2020 - Australian Over 35's
  • 2022 - Australian Over 40's
  • 2023 - Australian Over 40's


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