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City of Caves

A set of man-made caves dating from 1250 AD that were discovered under the local shopping centre. Part of the National Justice Museum.

The Venue

City of Caves is part of a hidden maze of over 500 original sandstone caves underneath the streets of Nottingham dating back to the dark ages.

Investigate the social history of the caves and learn more about the events that once happened inside these fascinating underground dwellings. As part of your visit you will see the only medieval underground tannery in the country, head to the Anderson air raid shelter where thousands of people sought refuge during WWII and explore the remnants of Drury Hill Victorian slums.


Garner’s Hill,
(Next to Nottingham Contemporary),


Sights & places you should see

Why Nottingham?

A youthful city with two universities, Nottingham is known around the world for the Robin Hood legend.

In 2015 it was named a City of Literature, and giants of the English language, Lord Byron and D. H. Lawrence lived or grew up in the city in the 19th century.


Public Transport

From the Airport

With trains taking as little as 15 minutes between Nottingham and Long Eaton, where you can catch a Skylink service to the airport, travelling by rail is a great option. Services run several times an hour every day.

Around Town

Nottingham has an award-winning integrated transport system run by different operators working in partnership to deliver excellent customer service. Part of the role of Nottingham City Council is coordinating the Robin Hood Network to give users a multi-operator ticketing system across the bus, tram and rail network.
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