Random Musings


City of Caves

City of Caves is a visitor attraction in Nottingham based on a network of caves, carved out of sandstone that have been variously used over the years as a tannery, public house cellars, and as an air raid shelter. The caves are listed as a scheduled monument by Historic England under the name Caves at Drury Hill, Drury Hill being the medieval street under which they were formerly located until it was demolished to make way for the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre. The newer City of Caves name refers to the fact that the city of Nottingham has hundreds of man-made caves, which have been in use for over a thousand years.

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Shirt Numbers

For the players, eight months out from a world cup represents a time when they can relax and focus on staying fit and healthy. For the management, it is a period when they are at their busiest. Co-ordinating travel plans, accommodation, uniform and other items required for the trip takes a lot of work and effort.

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Historic Pubs

England prides itself on the quality of it's public houses. Nottingham is most famous for its association with Robin Hood, but it is also home to some of the oldest and most historic public houses in the United Kingdom.

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