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Countdown to the 2024 World Cup


Team selected for 2024 World Cup

| Mark Matheson

During the recently completed Hockey Australia Masters Championships in Perth, teams to contest the 2024 World Cup were selected.

Following a successful Trans-Tasman campaign, the Over 35's team again boasts a long list of debutants, with only four returning players. The team is captained by Ian McHugh (TAS) with Cody Tribe (NSW) and Sam McCambridge (TAS) making up the leadership group. Goalkeeper Chris Dick is the only other player to have previously worn the green and gold. Coached by Barry Reid (NSW) with a manager and trainer to be named at a later date, the team has already started planning for what promises to be an exciting Masters Hockey World Cup campaign in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Team

The detailed team list and profiles can be found here. The team list is: -


  • Ian McHugh C (TAS)
  • Cody Tribe VC (NSW)
  • Sam McCambridge VC (TAS)
  • Chris Dick (QLD)
  • Elliot Ashby (NSW)
  • Mitch Baker (QLD)
  • Daniel Borrett (QLD) 1
  • Jarred Brown (ACT)
  • Nathan Case (QLD)
  • Daniel Conroy (ACT)
  • Phillip Dumpleton (QLD)
  • Scott Garner (NSW)
  • Todd Harmsworth (QLD)
  • Nathan Lawler (TAS)
  • Jarod Luke (QLD)
  • Triston Parker (QLD)
  • James Riddell (NSW)
  • Khan Riley (TAS)
  • Hugh Wickert (NSW) WITHDRAWN 1


  • Barry Reid (NSW) Coach

2024 World Cup

The primary venue for the 2024 World Cup will be Hartleyvale Stadium. The stadium was renovated in 1996 and boasts two world class fields. As the 2024 World Cup in Cape Town covers the 35's, 40's, 65's, 70's, 75's and 80's age groups, the matches will spread across several other venues, yet to be named, in and around Cape Town.


Hartleyvale Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa
WPCC Hockey, Cape Town, South Africa
UCT Hockey, Cape Town, South Africa
  • 1. Daniel Borrett added to the team after the withdrawal of Hugh Wickert (06/12/2023)


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