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Countdown to the 2024 World Cup


World Masters Hockey - 2022 World Cup

| Mark Matheson

It's April 2021, and we find ourselves fourteen months after the start of the global pandemic, still locked away in Australia but thankfully able to enjoy domestic hockey.

I have already been able to participate at the 2021 NSW Over 34's State Championships along with a few familiar faces from the 2020 team. It was great to see everyone happy, healthy and playing hockey again.

On the 8th April, World Masters Hockey announced the destinations and dates for the 2022 World Cup competitions. Unsurprisingly, the Over 35's competition has returned to Nottingham, England, the original location for the cancelled 2020 World Cup. The same can be said for the other ages groups, with World Masters Hockey announcing that all World Cups will be held at the 2020 destinations.

The details and dates are: -

Nottingham, England - August 12th - 21st 2022
Over 35 Men and Women
Over 40 Men and Women
Cape Town, South Africa - October 1st - 10th 2022
Over 45 Men and Women
Over 50 Men and Women
Over 55 Men and Women
Over 60 Women
Over 65 Women
Tokyo, Japan - October 19th - 29th 2022
Over 60 Men
Over 65 Men
Over 70 Men
Over 75 Men
Over 80 Men

Once they become available, this post will be updated with links to the official tournament website and any other relevant details.

I hope to see everyone in Newcastle at the end of September, mastering the game of hockey!


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