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Australian 35's Men's Masters Hockey

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At the conclusion of the 2019 Australian Men's Masters Hockey Championships held in Bunbury, WA in October 2019, the Australian Men's Masters Over 35 Hockey team was named.

The team was selected to represent Australia at the 2020 Masters Hockey World Cup in Nottingham, England.

Join us as we prepare for the World Cup.


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Our Journey

Things to do in Nottingham

  • Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

    Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is a public house in Nottingham which claims to have been established in 1189; however, there is no documentation to verify this date. The building rests against Castle Rock, upon which Nottingham Castle is built, and is attached to several caves, carved out of the soft sandstone.
  • Old Market Square

    The Old Market Square is an open, pedestrianised city square in Nottingham, England. It is the largest such surviving square in the United Kingdom, forming the heart of the city, and covering an area of approximately 22,000 m²
  • The Hand and Heart

    The Hand & Heart started its commercial life in 1866 as a brewery. The building was originally comprised of a Georgian House with stables to the back and a cave below. The beers were brewed in the converted stables and dropped through a hole carved out of the ceiling of the cave for storage.