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Catriona McNab

Cat | Medical Support | Queensland


Catriona McNab

Catriona McNab
  • Nickname:
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    Medical Support
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  • Occupation:
    Exercise Physiologist

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Cat is an Exercise Physiologist currently improving her knowledge through Osteopathy studies and has a passion for Mobility training and Sports.

She has treated clients domestically and internationally since 2011 with people in all stages of life, including the elderly, children, and world-ranking athletes. She is interested in the assessment and treatment of sporting injuries and in implementing training strategies to prevent injuries.

Beyond the clinic, Cat uses her expertise on the field, working with QLD Men’s Master's hockey and Hockey Australia Masters with a direct approach to helping players reach and sustain their peak physical condition through proactive and preventative strategies.



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  • 2018 - WA Medical Team
  • 2019 - QLD Breakdown Crew
  • 2022 - QLD Breakdown Crew
  • 2023 - QLD Breakdown Crew


  • 2023 - Australian Masters Trans-Tasman medical team


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